Eyelash Glue Pen

Eyelash Glue Pen

Who Is The World’S First Glue Liner Lash Adhesive Wholesale Vendors ?

Emporio Lashes the Adhesive Eyeliner Pen Wholesale vendor manufacturer . Our Glue Liner Lash Adhesive is the world’s first lash glue/eyeliner that makes applying eyelash adhesive and false eyelashes absolutely foolproof! if you want to wholesale Adhesive Eyeliner bulk , Emporio Lashes is your Best Chose !

Black or Clear lash glue glides on along your lashline, ready for your favorite falsies to adhere to for all day wear!
All that was tricky about gluing on false eyelashes is a thing of the past!

Emporio lashes liner and glue in one has a felt tip that glides on as eyeliner & performs like lash glue. Available in Black or Clear.
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Any Question about Adhesive Eyeliner Pen

What Can I Use If I Have No Eyelash Glue? – You can use Emporio Eyelash Glue Pen . it is better and easy then lash glue .
What’S The Best Eyelash Glue To Use?- That is Emporio Adhesive Eyeliner Pen , You can try it .
How Do You Use Emporio Lash Glue Eyeliner? – You can read below , we can teach you how to use it .
Can I Use Super Glue On Fake Eyelashes? – no , it is not good for your eye, because it is not easy clear out . but Emporio Eyelash Glue Pen is hard buy can easy clear it.


♥Store Glue Liner Pen vertically, cap side down, to prevent drying out. As needed, clean the felt-tip with makeup remover.

♥GlueLiner is formulated to last all day, but oily skin might require reapplication.

♥Line your lid generously, with as much GlueLiner as needed to create a sufficient base for the width and length of the lash band you will secure to it.

How Do You Use Adhesive Eyeliner?

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your eyelid is free from oil before applying our lash adhesive, this will drastically improve the adhesive’s hold – For oily lids, please cleanse the eye area and ensure it is completely dry.

DO NOT use the cleansing oil to clean your lashes as this will cause them to fall apart. The cleansing oil is strictly for removing the adhesive from your eyelid.

DO NOT use an oil based mascara with the false eyelashes.

Pull the cap off to remove the cap. Please do not unscrew the pen.


Step 1 – Preparation
1.Hold your falsies against your eyes to gauge the length of the lashes. Trim the lashes down to size with a pair of scissors if necessary. Trim carefully, and from the outer end!
2.Make sure your eyelids are clean and free from any oil. You can use a non-oil based cleanser to achieve oil-free lids.
3.If using mascara, please apply the mascara before applying your lashes. This will help you make the most of your reusable lashes!
4.Roll each lash around your finger for 1 minute. This will help them take shape and will prevent the ends lifting.
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Step 2 – Application (Method 2 – Best option for applying clear adhesive on top of heavier makeup)

1.Shake your Flick & Stick pen well!
2.Apply your adhesive eyeliner to the false lash band and place the lash (starting with the inner corner) on your lash line. With our unique adhesive formula, you will be able to reposition the lash until you get it perfect!
3.Apply the lashes by starting with the inner corners then lightly pressing along the lash line securing the lashes in place. Adjust as necessary. Pinch and press down near the roots of the lashes to set them. Touch up with pen if required.
4.Please clean your Flick & Stick pen regularly to remove makeup residue. You can do this by soaking a cotton pad in micellar water and gently swiping the pen tip. This will also stop it from drying out!

Step 3 – Removal
1.When removing, detach your false lashes slowly from the outer corners. No sticky glue means no ripped out eyelashes and easy removal!
2.You can use our cleansing oil with a cotton pad to wipe away the adhesive after use. Micellar water also works well.
3.After each use, please place the lashes back into their tray to retain their shape. No crusty glue means that they will be good to wear again right after removal!

4.Care Tip: We recommend cleaning the tip of your adhesive pen regularly. You can do this with micellar water and a cotton pad. We also recommend cleaning any residue off of your lashes after every 4/5 uses. You can do this with a cotton bud & any non-oil based makeup remover. You can also store your pen upside down to keep fluid running to the tip. Always shake well before use! If you follow this guidance, you will get 30+ uses out of your lashes with ease!

What Are The Benefits Of Our Eyelash Glue Pen?

This adhesive eyeliner pen will change the way you apply fake mink lashes forever. Say goodbye to traditional eyelash glue and hello to the easiest applicator you will ever use.

⊗Get 30+ uses from your regular strip lashes with our no-mess formula
⊗Apply lashes anytime, anywhere
⊗24+ Hours secure hold
⊗Say goodbye to lash glue clumps!
⊗No damage to your natural lashes
⊗Precision application pen tip
⊗No glue or latex
⊗Easy to remove with cleansing oil or micellar water
⊗Lasts over 60 applications
⊗Can be used with any brand of strip lashes

Emporio Lashes are leading the way in pioneering methods for applying fake mink eyelashes. We are proud to unveil the Emporio Lashes Flick & Stick lash applicator pen – the 2 in 1 eyeliner and lash adhesive that works as a fake lash adhesive when wet and and and eyeliner when dry.

Our eyeliner adhesive pen formula is completely waterproof and will last 24 hours without any issues at all. It also lasts for over 60 uses! Remove with warm water or any makeup remove

How To Apply Lashes by Adhesive Eyeliner?

1. Apply to clean, dry eyelids free of moisture or makeup.
2. Starting with one eye, apply GlueLiner along your natural lash line, just like regular eyeliner.
3. Before the liner has a chance to dry on your eyelid, immediately apply your KISS false lash strip band along the GlueLiner line. Pat to set lash strip in place. Repeat on your other eye.


  • Store GlueLiner vertically, cap side down, to prevent drying out.
  • As needed, clean the felt-tip with a lint-free cloth and/or makeup remover to remove any residue.
  • GlueLiner is formulated to last all day, but oily skin might require reapplication during the day.
  • Line your lid generously, with as much GlueLiner as needed to create a sufficient base for the width and length of the lash band you will secure to it.

Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs, wash immediately with lukewarm water. Do not use if you are suffering from eye inflammation or conjunctivitis.

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